• Desiree Montesano

Zombie Mom

Sure we all have sleepless nights due to our little ones. It may be sleep issues or sickness, but how do we as parents actually feel when our sleep is cut and you are watching Elmo at 2 am? Like shit! I'm pretty sure you all know me by now, I always try to find the positive in all of these situations. How the hell am I going to turn this one around?

I didn't go to the gym today, usually it puts me in a bad mood when I don't. Today I'm going to call it a rest and stretch day. Try to do some meditation breathing and get those negative thoughts out of my head. Another way to keep my mood and energy up is to eat clean and drink a ton of water. When we are sluggish it's so easy to throw in the towel and eat like crap or drink a pot of coffee. Don't!!! I promise you, by keeping caffeine at a minimal and eating a ton of veggies will keep that energy going so you have it in you to keep up with your little one. Also, we won't snap at our kids. You all know by 3 pm your ready for bedtime :) Lastly I am going to use use use my essential oils like crazy today. Peppermint, under the nose, Lemon in my water, Motivation to keep fuel in the tank. I will be implementing and sharing all day on the gram..

I just wanted to share and write a quick post to tell you all you are doing a great job. You are not alone, and easy as it seems to me sometimes to be a mom and domestic engineer we all have those sleep deprived nights, and cranky pants kids once in a while. Eleanor has been sick 2 times since she is born. I am extremely lucky to say it's been nothing serious. With that being said, a 1:30 wakeup call with a 103.4 fever put that in check for me. Things happen, you can't keep your kid in a bubble, and she is going to lick the balls at the baby gym again!! #toddlerlife #momslivinghappy #mombie


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