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Young Living for a healthy pregnancy and postpartum life

In this blog post I will be giving a ton of products and information to help with a happy and healthy pregnancy and your postpartum lifestyle !

1. Ningxia Red

This will help give your placenta vitamins and nutrients daily. Sometimes prenatal vitamins are so hard to get down, even making us feel sick. With this antioxidant drink it will give you and baby extra nutrients along with Vitamin C to keep up your immune system. Ningxia red also helps support your cardiovascular system which can help with those pregnancy veins. Drinking Ningxia during pregnancy reduces swelling!! Our lymphatic system gets flushed, and both momma and baby get a ton of minerals and nutrients when drinking this delicious drink. This will also help momma after birthing, to help keep energy levels high and support the hormone change. It will help keep you hydrated with great electrolytes especially if your nursing :)

2. Spearmint Essential Oil

Sometimes that first trimester can be tough. Not being able to stomach food, and a healthy diet of crackers is no way to live. It also can last the entire 9 months. Spearmint Vitality can be added to your water everyday to keep away nausea and that sour stomach at bay. Also rubbing it on your skin where your liver is located will help those same symptoms. Diffusing spearmint is a comforting oil that when diffused can help you with all those pregnancy emotions. Adding a drop into your Ningxia Red will also give a boost of energy.

3. EN-R-GEE Essential Oil

Being pregnant is tiring. Also postpartum sometimes is even worse for us new mommas. We need as much energy support as we can get.

This is an essential oil blend of;

Rosemary- sharpen your memory

Juniper- cleanses and detoxifies

Lemongrass- promotes healthy circulation

Nutmeg- adrenal support

Idaho Balsam Fir- calming oil

Clove- antioxidant

Black Pepper- stimulates your endocrine system and increases energy

With pregnant moms waking up to go pee all night, and us new moms waking up to feed every few hours, why feel like a zombie. Apply this oil blend every time your feeling the drag!

4.Stressaway (which comes in your Starter Kit)

When your pregnant , if your stressed baby is stressed. Baby gets all those hormones your feeling. After your pregnant stress can drastically decrease your milk supply. Stress is bad! Stress makes our immune system weak, stress also can play a big part in those postpartum baby blues. Being a mom it's #1 to put ourselves first. Self care is a big part of why we can do it all. Using stress away in a rollerball and putting yourself in a chill environment can get your labor going or after baby is born put you in a place when momma needs a minute to herself. Also, I packed my diffuser for the hospital to keep the atmosphere how I wanted.

5. Cypress essential oil

This oil is great for your circulatory system. Rubbing this all over your legs and ankles will be great to get that blood flowing. This oil also helps with our emotional health, during and after pregnancy our hormones are going crazy!! This oil is grounding and comforting and can help us feel in control of these crazy emotions. Cypress discourages fluid retention so it can help eliminate extra fluids we carry around postpartum.

6. Cel-lite Magic Massage Oil

How tight does our belly feel during pregnancy especially during the last few weeks? This oil will provide you with amazing relief. In this oil it has a blend of Cypress, Juniper, and Grapefruit which I talked about the amazing circulatory benefits they have already. Rub it all over your body! For an extra kick add a drop of more cypress to it! After pregnancy what do we want? Our body back, so toning and tightening with Cel-lite is magical. Use it forever. Also, use the oil for self, or partner massage (FOR THE MOMMAS TO BE ) . It's so important for prenatal massage to help flush our lymphatic system.

7. Deep Relief

What doesn't ache on a pregnant woman. This rollerball blend has an oil in it called Helichrysum in it which is great for nerves and muscles. After we give birth and are carrying our babies around we also need this muscle relief. I literally could not hold my arms up straight for months. The oils saved me!! You can smell and feel these oils, I love a cool tingly feeling sensation it means it's working!

8. Gentle Baby

This blend is for comfort and relaxation, it will also help reduce stress during pregnancy. This was formulated for babies, so then sharing the oil with your new born it will have a calming effect. If you wear baby like I did, I wore these relaxing oils so she was able to benefit from them also.

9. Claraderm Spray

Your lady parts will thank you for having this before and after birth. I had a cesarean and my scar was so itchy, this spray includes coconut oil with Myrrh, Melaluca, Alternifolia, Lavender, Frankincense, Roman Chamomile, and Helichrysum. If you are preparing for a vaginal birth this will feel amazing to spray on your Vagine before. Also, if you gave birth vaginally it will help you recover from pushing out a 5-10 lb melon. You can spray this on multiple times a day to help support the skin. This is a pregnancy MUST HAVE!!!

10. Rose Ointment

To save your nipples! Seriously breastfeeding mommas this is another must have. It helps the hurt. This is also ok for baby being it's an essential oil. Some creams you have to wipe off before nursing this is ok to keep on. When your nursing around the clock, or on demand like we did, a baby safe ointment is a must have.

11. Sleepyize

This oil is from the children's line. It is pre-diluted and ready to help them sleep! The oils in this blend are so precious just like our little ones. It's gentle scent of Roman Chamomile, Valerian, and Sacred Frankincense will help your baby snooze soundly. Apply a few drops to base of baby's neck and feet. Also in the diffuser for an extra dose of sleepy time.

12. Seedlings Diaper Rash Cream

This is a cure it diaper rash cream! A friend of mine introduced me to the Think Dirty app, just wait and see how toxic desitin is. This is an all natural way to clear up their bums. Also, I used my breast milk and lavender :)

So this is it Mommy's and Mommy's to be. Top 12 Oils and products that are chemical free, and safe for us and our babies to use. Trying to have a baby? Essential oils can also be used to safely try to conceive.

If you have any question please email me or reach out on Instagram. So happy to share this lifestyle with you all !

P.S. I loved being pregnant


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