• Desiree Montesano

Why Essential Oils

About 4 years ago I started using essential oils. At first I was like oh that smells good, and this one smells gross not really knowing anything about them. They collected dust at first. This world of a healthy alternative to almost everything has been life changing.

First Pick a company you trust.

I now use #youngliving because of their #seedtoseal brand quality. They don’t compromise on their quality. #Seedtoseal , with its three pillars—Sourcing, Science, and Standards—is their commitment to unmatched quality. They want to provide the highest quality in everything they do, so they can offer pure products your family can trust. With that being said, the amount of safe products you can replace in your home is unbelievable. Cleaning products, baby products, makeup, detergent, soap, lotion, etc.. the list goes on. The brand is just so good.

Whats the difference if you spend $80 on amazon on chemical cleaning products, and you spend $100 on #youngliving products. (which last a while because they are concentrated) The safe plant based product isn't harming your family, and pets. About 2 months ago our dog was having horrible allergic reaction to something in our home. Since then I've changed all the products I use to clean that his belly rubs on and you see a world of difference.

Another example of why we are oil believer's (my husband and baby know how to oil up) The amount of us getting sick, or respiratory ailments, or gas and indigestion, or headaches, is totally simplified and time cut in half by the use of our essential oils. I'm not saying they are a miracle and you use them and your cured from everything... but in ancient medicine they were used before any antibiotics and over the counter stuff was around.

I think healing naturally is so much better than pumping your body with drugs. Even

de-stressing holistically has a nice calming effect on us.

Doesn't replace my wine of course:)

If your interested to know more about oils let me know, I can send you some samples to try for yourself :)


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