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I'm not a writer

Updated: Dec 31, 2018

Sharing my life on Instagram, I've been doing it for a reason.

I share my everyday life. Sometimes I look like crap, my kid is whiny and my house is a mess. That's real life. I want to share a huge part of my life with everyone. That's being a genuinely happy person.

How I figured it out...


I was 26 years old when I first saw a therapist. It took some crappy relationships to get there. Not surrounding yourself with the right people can make you think your nuts! I saw her for about a year and she pretty much told me I’m on my own, that I have the life tools to create an amazing life. I chose this happy trail for myself and anyone can.

Create the life you deserve

As long as I could remember I wanted to be a mother. Well first I wanted to fall in love, get married , and then be a mother. So it started with that.

Finding that person. I couldn't possibly find the man of my dreams if I wasn't happy with myself. Already establishing my career as a hairstylist, which I still loving doing to this day. I starting exercising. I wanted to release my endorphins and look good. I looked good and I felt even better.

Meeting my Prince Charming

Listen, going from one bad relationship to the next is a part of growing up. When does it end? When do you say, I want to fall in love. Deep love, healthy, happy, make people around you sick love. I was 27 years old. I was in the best healthy mindset of my life. From that age on I knew what I wanted my life to be full of. I knew I deserved to find the man of my dreams and I put that as a goal. He walked into the charity benefit we met and I said " I can marry that guy." The rest was history.


Dating long distance for a short period of time was tough. We made it work. We both were in a peak mindset to find a relationship that hadn't been like any other. We found it. It's not easy, and communication and focus is key.

So if your interested in living a happy, healthy lifestyle follow along. It stared with love and connection for me.

I want to share my positive love of life and the things that make it work best within my family and home.

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