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Sleep Child

4 month baby sleep regression is real!

I completely forgot about this crazy part of a developing baby. Maybe I blocked out the sleepless nights. It's happening now and although I'm not an expert, I can shed some tips and light and tell you, you are not alone!

So you put your baby down, thinking you have a good 4-6 hour window. Then BOOM the regression hits. Every hour, they can't settle. Crying uncontrollably, nothing you do can help them except hold them, rock them, or keep inserting the pacifier that won't stay in their mouth. About two weeks we went through this with Myles. I'm pretty good at routine, and consistency especially when it comes to sleep. However, I never wanted to create a high maintenance sleeper and never be able to travel, or adapt to surroundings.

Every baby is different, you may never go through this with your child. Well good for you. Sleep regression is a developmental leap your baby may experience and it changes their sleep cycle. It can last 2-6 weeks, so be prepared to do your homework and be patient!

A few tips I can give are..

Stick to the plan

Encourage good sleep habits

If you use noise, swaddle, magic merlin, whatever "baby stuff" don't change it now

Also, plan to be tired the next day

You can try putting them down awake and let them fall asleep

(If they are ready it will work unless they are hungry)

I like to keep my expectations high and achieve that goal. You can also let them Cry It Out, which is what we have been doing. I was hesitant at first because I didn't want him waking up Eleanor but so far so good. Starting off the crying it out method during nap times I think helped for a better evening routine.

Again, I am no expert. I think Eleanor is a good sleeper or napper anywhere. I hope to have the same outcome with Myles.

Stay positive, this is just a phase. If you ever want to chat I am here for you!



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