• Desiree Montesano

Real Life Mom

What kind of mom are you?

Do you micromanage, do you stand over your kid, let them figure it out. Yell, try to talk, free-spirit, so regimented. We all come in different shapes and sizes, and because of social media or "the image" of momming, it makes some of us feel like we need to have it all together...

"We may not have it all together, but together we have it all." I know it's a cheesy quote we have all heard a million times, but that's really all that matters.

I started this blog because I want to reach real life moms just like me. I work hard at my mental capability and happiness and I enjoy sharing it with people. I follow some great bloggers on Instagram. They take perfect pictures, have the best endorsements from companies. They have money, but are they really happy? Do they have the support from their spouse that they need. Do they struggle with anything, you bet they do. They just can't show it on their perfect stories. Maybe they are perfect....

(I like following to get inspired) it's just not me.

I have teamed up with a few companies and received products to promote, but it's not my job to be this amazing influencer. My goal is more outreach, to connect with people on a deeper level. I'm not out here finding the best style, and where to purchase products. Although we all love a good recommendation from Amazon!! I just want to help spread positivity and advice for people. I've been struggling lately even writing this post, about who was going to like or dislike this one. I really don't care. I'm kinda done with trying hard in this aspect of my life, because in the end it doesn't give me joy. I love talking to my followers on Instagram. I genuinely like talking to moms and meeting new moms, and moms giving me advice, rather than trying to figure out algorithms on Instagram.

On the mom front. I AM A GOOD MOM! My child isn't going to a 2's program, because I'm home. I was also struggling with is she smart enough, does she know enough? Telling myself I needed new toys and new activities, I seriously needed to put myself in check. I needed to stop comparing Eleanor to other kids, because they are all different. She isn't a daycare kid, so her structure is different. If anyone knows me, it's plenty structured up in this house. This falls on the lines of are we doing enough for her little brain? Well who says you need to do so many activities for your kid to go to an ivy league school. What!!!!

Yea I said it, it's insane that parents are putting so much pressure on themselves for their toddler to excel. Excel in what? The comprehension of a 1.5 year old is so extensive we need to intervene. (sarcastic tone)

Ok, Ok I'm done, living in Fairfield county has opened my eyes to so much of this world that seriously I've tuned it out of my brain as a woman. We all know I live in my sweatpants, and don't need to have all the stuff everyone else has. Now being a mom it's back and harder to ignore the thoughts. On this topic, stay true to who you are as a woman, wife, and mother. You're morals, and mindset should't change due to the environment, social media or where you live. I love my life and it's safe to say I'm back after a little slump of self doubt.

Quick book recommendation : Emotionally Intelligent Parenting


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