• Desiree Montesano

My Cesarean

Updated: Apr 13, 2019

*** Pictures Posted Below*** (if you don't like blood, look away)

Let me start off by saying this is my story... Everyone is different and may have different views, but that's what makes blogging fun. Everyone gets to tell their story and not give a sh$t what anyone says!

I try to live my life healthy. Clean eating, exercise, as little amount of chemical products as possible. When we found out I was pregnant I wanted it to be natural. I wanted 0 drugs, and to turn the pain into a feeling. I wanted to be mindful and breathe through every contraction possible. Well the universe had a different plan, with my consent of course.

My pregnancy was amazing. I didn't get sick in the beginning or ever, I worked out the entire time. I really kicked up my healthy eating habits even more when I was carrying my little nugget. By 18 weeks she was breeched, it was so early, we had time, she could flip..

By 21 my doctor's were telling me I should consider a c-section. I wasn't fully on board, but they needed to schedule, blablabla. In my head I had 19 weeks to try every natural way to flip this baby, or she would turn on her own.

I did prenatal yoga! Which I highly recommend to any pregnant woman. It makes you feel so strong(and comfortable), and teaches you to breathe and techniques that will help you the bigger and bigger you get. Now we are 33 weeks, I'm doing moxibustion, cold ice packs, yoga poses, eating things, still trying to flip my girl. Then one of my doctors recommends a version technique at 36 weeks to turn the baby with doctors at the hospital, with a chance I go into labor, or need an emergency c-section... No Thanks! With the original C-section date set for 39 weeks , I didn't want an emergency c 4 weeks early and bring the baby into a hectic urgent environment. Plus baby's flip last minute all the time.

Well Sept.22,2017 we were set to go in for a scheduled cesarean birth. Baby did not flip. I got my nails done, my hair blown out. Packed my bag, my diffuser, my oils, I was going be positive about not having my baby the original way I planned... AND THEN.

We arrive to the hospital (Stamford Hospital) like 5:30 am excited to finally meet our baby! Get hooked up to the I.V take my stats etc. A very nice nurse comes in and says, your not able to have your c-section today your only 38 weeks and 5 days!! I was hysterical crying. I was so excited, relaxed, ready and I wanted to meet my girl. The law says a selective cesarean can't be sooner than 39 weeks. Well there was a little mix up with my doctor's and the schedule, and it sucked! I didn't get mad, because I loved my team and practice of doctor's and it happens. Again, not getting stressed because I was so conscious about not letting the baby feel those anxious feelings. I was just disappointed. We scheduled the date for the following week.

September 28, 2017! The day Eleanor was born. Not quite as dolled up as last week, but we went in to have this major surgery to bring our baby into the world. The needle to numb you, yea it hurt but after that you didn't feel much. You need it for surgery, did it make my baby come out drugged, and not screaming.. Nope she was a vibrant 8 lb 1 oz healthy baby. Skin to skin, yes as soon as they wiped her down. I didn't get robbed of any experience that a natural birth would have given me. My baby and I were and are bonded like no other. She latched right away to my breast, and I knew that the decision I made to have a cesarean was all behind me now. Come to find out that I had a baseball size fibroid inside me which could have taken up a little room!! They stitched me up, and kept saying "tugging and pulling" it didn't bother me, I just was thinking about the bigger picture. Our extended stay at Stamford hospital was great. They really do what they can to make you feel comfortable.Then popping a bottle of Veuve made me feel even better! Looking at my stomach was hard at first, I was nervous about the staples, scarring and swimwear. It was hard not doing too much and just taking care of the baby but we got through the first few rough weeks.

I understand having this major surgery when it's unnecessary is why International Cesarean Awareness month exists. This cause also helps support recovery, and educates us on this major surgery. I don't know if I would go for a VBAC on the next child. I know what to expect, and I had a great recovery. I was back to Crossfit in 6/8 weeks! I think becoming more educated since the birth of Eleanor has made me see more beauty in child birth regardless of how she came out.


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