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"To be in your children's memories tomorrow, you have to be in their lives today." - unknown

Being Mindful is something that should be on the top of our to-do list as a parent.

They see us use our phones, and having a few drinks.. Is that going to screw them up? Nope!!!

The mindful I'm talking about is being cognitive and present in the everyday routine of our kids, and it all starts with being mindful to ourselves and learning how to avoid stress and anxiety.

Below is a little exercise to help check our Mindful scale :)

Mindful Scale for Adults

Almost always

Very Frequent


Very infrequent

Almost never

-Sometimes we can experience a ton of different ways that reflect we aren't being mindful...

-Rushes of emotion

-Carelessness, not paying attention, breaking or spilling things

-Staying focused on the present moment

-Physical tension or feelings of discomfort

-Forgetting someones name as soon as they tell you

-Just feeling like your body is running without being aware

-Rushing through activities without being attentive

-Get so focused on a goal, we loose focus of the everyday things that matter

-We eat without thinking.. constant snacking

-Daydreaming without setting goals

-Being preoccupied with the past or the future

Let's think, if we aren't being mindful in our lives its only a matter of time before it effects our kids. Every day I try to start my day with 3 things I'm grateful for. The end of the day my husband and I share what the best thing that happened to us was. It makes us stop and think and reflect on all we have, and what we have to look forward to in this beautiful life. This is one simple thing that has helped me be mindful for my self and my baby.

A lot of the time when we aren't mindful it turns to stress and anxiety. Stress Management is a hot topic everyday for most people. We as parents need to learn how to avoid passing anxiety to our kids. Kids take cues from their parent, they witness us in a state of panic and what happens to them?.. They panic or they react it can cause them to be unsettled. They look at us for information on how to deal with everything. So if your child is acting out, or showing signs of a new behavior, we need to look at how we exhibit ourselves. That's all it takes, we do it, and then we need to correct the behavior. It's so important we implement strategies to help ensure we don't pass on this behavior to our kids. I'm sharing with you, so we can manage sooner. No-one needs a stressed out kid. In return we can be a less stressed momma.

Learning techniques to help your child with anxiety can be hard especially when we are struggling with our own. I really believe that going to therapy for me was the best decision I made for my mental health. It was over 10 years ago when I decided to change my life, my mental awareness in my early 20's has grown so much since and I owe a lot if it to seeing a professional and putting the work in.

Everyday I talk to instagram, about stuff... Oils, the gym, the baby. It's my outlet to help and try to motivate others to be positive and try new things to make life great. I don't have it all figured out by any means, but I do a ton of research and reading about these topics to help moms that need to hear it from someone they like :) I love getting DM's from moms who listen and like what I have to say, It makes me feel so good. I'm always here to talk. Finding a support system through social media can totally help mom's along their peaceful/mindful bettering their life journey. I write about these topics so moms know they are not alone.

Here are some tools to help us, and for us to help our children be more Mindful

All of these tips can help Change your State -Tony Robbins reference

Deep Belly Breathing Inhale 4 seconds, hold and then exhale slowly

Exercise for adults, for kids (jumping jacks, pushups, walk)

Color Game, find things around you (or with child) that are a certain color and identify them

Splash cold water on your face

Repeat a Mantra over to yourself "This will Pass" "I can do this" "I am strong" "Focused" etc..

Take a walk in Nature or outside, it can be quick. To identify sight, sound, and smell

Imagery sit and reflect/meditate relax your mind. Where are you?What does it look like ?

Cheers Mom's let us nourish our bodies and cherish the moments!


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