• Desiree Montesano

Letting Go

Such a general statement. I am definitely a relaxed person in life, but who doesn’t like to be in control. One of the six core human needs I’m trying to get away from is certainty in my life and focus more on my love and connection. If you think I’m crazy I’m 100% referring to #tonyrobbins lingo. Letting go for me is letting the dishes sit for an hour, not mopping the floor every single day, doing laundry 1/2 times a week rather than 4. Trying to let my husband make decisions for me once in a while lol.. being more spontaneous! In doing these things it gives me more time to focus on my family. Spending time after breakfast going on family walk. This is what matters most. I think by trying to relax on the day to day helps me be better. It makes me realize life isn’t picture perfect! As you can see I’m being real. Listen my house is still clean and everything has a home, but if I have things on my kitchen island I’m not freaking out anymore! This has been a new change for me since about November. It also helped me focus on this “blogging thing” even if it’s just for me, I enjoy reflecting and writing a few times a week. Mostly because it’s my life and I’m proud to share the tools that worked for me and maybe they will for you.

Happy Hump day ;)


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