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Hospital Bag Essentials

When I actually wrote this list out, it looks like a lot more than I thought. Having a cesarean your stay is a little longer than a vaginal delivery. By the fourth day it doesn't matter how much I bring with me I am ready to go home with my baby! This blog post is a simple list to help any mommas who might need a little direction. If it's your second time around, maybe some new ideas to make you feel a little more comfy. Since my first pregnancy this list has changed, just like new baby products!

Next to each thing will be a small commentary or if it's in my amazon shop www.amazon.com/shop/hrtsdesire

(under pregnancy must haves)

Good Luck Mommas


Momma's List

Toiletries (soaps, moisturizer, toothbrush, dry shampoo, etc.)

Comfy/Cute Clothes Lounge wear (you will be photographed) - Amazon

Skid free Slippers or Socks - Amazon

Slip on Sneakers - Amazon

Flip Flops (shower)

Diffuser (aromatherapy to set the vibe)

Essential Oils (if you are into them)



Pillow Case

Music (bluetooth speaker)

Snacks- Sweet and Salty (stuff with fiber- they won't let you leave until you poop)

Bobby Pillow (to prop baby- huge help for breastfeeding)

Letter board (photo opp)

Granny Panties (the mesh disposable ones aren't my favorite)

Lactation Snacks/ Supplements - Amazon

Nursing tanks/ bra - Amazon

Gift for Sibling - Amazon

Breast Pump or Rent Hospital's

Eye Mask - Amazon

Nurse Well Breast Salve (10% off with code hrtsdesire10) https://www.wildish.co

Stuff for Baby




Going home outfit

Car seat

Stuff you should have at home but use the hospitals & take it all home

Giant Pads

Baby Diapers

Big Water cup

Perry Bottle

Diaper Cream, Lotions, Baby wash

Any Samples

Formula, even if breastfeeding (emergency stash)

Booger Sucker (bulb syringe)


Disposable Undies

Waterproof pads and washcloths

Receiving Blankets and Hats


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