• Desiree Montesano

Guide to Block Island

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

If you don't know this about us we got married on Block Island. So to kick off my favorite month of summer Happy August, and anniversary month to me and my hubby. Block Island is our most special place in New England. The first summer we started dating we agreed we wanted to find our summer place. Greg grew up going to Nantucket, and I'm from Long Island. Both places having beautiful ocean and beach views. We had so many great memories but wanted our own coastal destination to get to know and raise our family. That's when we found Block Island, RI. Maybe it's the laid back vibe. The little town that isn't overly done, or taken over by big name stores. The amazing restaurants, and little spots to grab a drink and listen to live music. The awesome bike riding, and scenic spots to stop along the way. The list can go on of reasons we love this beautiful place.

Year after year our trips have changed. We started by staying in town at various Inn's. Until we found our wedding spot. The Atlantic Inn (I'll save wedding planning for another post)! Then we started renting a house that was pet friendly with a ton of property for our boy Walter. Who is very well known at the beach :) I definitely recommend Block Island Reality. Kate the owner is amazing, and Julie who works there is also so helpful. Every summer we get to the office and the welcome from them feels like we never left. Then you also have different ways to get to the island. So many people ask me questions about the destination, and I can recommend a day trip packed with great activities to a full week of great family fun. We started going to Block by plane. It was $100 round trip flight from Westerly, RI. Then we got Walter and started taking the ferry from Point Judith, RI. You can also walk on the ferry from New London, CT. Bringing your own bike, or renting when you arrive.

We put together a top list for our wedding guests, and a map to really let them get the full island vibe during our wedding weekend. We still do each activity every summer. That's what I'm going to share with you! The list can go on, and the island has so much more to offer. I wanted to share this with you for a different great summer spot for you and your loved ones to visit!

Top 12 List:

1. Have a drink and sushi at The Oar (we always play find our oar)

2. Go to the farm and feed the animals, It's an island rescue

3. Rent bikes and ride the entire island approximately 10.47 miles

4. Enjoy the sunset with a cocktail at The Spring House

5. Have one of the best breakfast spreads on the island at The 1661 Inn

6. Visit the Northeast and Southeast Light house

7. Enjoy drinks and s'mores by the fire pits at The National Hotel

8. Go the beach (Mansion is our favorite)

9. Live music at Poor People's, Yellow Kittens, or Captain Nicks

10. Enjoy the hiking trails (the steps) if you can handle it

11. Go to the weekly farmer's market Wed and Sat

12. Breakfast or Lunch at Persephone's Kitchen

Please reach out if you have any questions, I genuinely love sharing this special place with people. We also subscribe weekly to the Block Island Times so we stay connected on the off season. One day we will definitely have a home here. Until then we will continue to celebrate our wedding anniversary in the place the magic happened!


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