• Desiree Montesano

Fresh Air feels so good!

We are all healthy in the house, after about a week of snots and coughing. Today we got out for a nice walk on the beach, breathing in that fresh salty air felt so good! Greg and I both agreed having a weekend in with no party plans felt so good and rejuvenating. It honestly wasn’t that bad having colds, I felt more sorry for Eleanor being she couldn’t tell me how she felt.

What I did to nurse us all back to health, #doterra #essentialoils I had all diffusers going all day, oiled the bottoms of everyone’s feet multiple times a day. I also made #doterraongaurd cleaning solution which is like an #allnatural lysol. Just cleaned, cleaned, cleaned! I made a lot of comfort foods with spices and broths which to me is medicinal in itself. We read a lot of books, organized a lot of crap in the house, listened to a lot of music and enjoyed spending silly time together.

Being sick (having a cold) really isn’t the end of the world. I tried to shed that light around the house because people have it so much worse than us. One personal goal I have set for myself is being more selfless. Trying to give more time to people who need it. Donating and volunteering makes your soul feel good and that’s the feeling I want , and want to encourage everyone to do. Do one nice thing today, it can be giving a compliment or even bring food to your local food pantry. Let’s make someone smile today :) hope you all had an amazing weekend!


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