• Desiree Montesano

Choose your Happiness

I made a decision to be happy. This happened before I met my husband, before marriage, before baby. It is a constant work in progress, and I hold myself accountable for being happy. It is just like any other long term or short term goal you may have. Why not start with one of the most difficult?

Transforming your life should be hard. It should be exciting. It should be challenging. If you keep in mind the end result it should be 100% enjoyable. I recommend wanting so much out of your life that the goals are endless. I am not certified in any life coaching, but over the past 10 years, I have worked on myself so much I can handle anything.

Being positive and not taking self doubt that serious is one of the most difficult patterns people can't break. We have be conditioned over the years, and beat down by ourselves and others to think we aren't good enough. Well you are! It makes me sad when I see friends or people on social media that I barley even know shitting on themselves and being negative. Living a life with purpose and passion is way more appealing.

Think about that, to all my single followers out there. Will you attract a quality partner if you are negative and living with self doubt and neglect? No you will probably attract a not great person that might be a little happier than you , but do they have drive and ambition? Meeting my husband at the most opportune time in my life happened for a reason. We connected like magnets of positive energy towards each other. It happened because we were ready and open to meet. We realized we deserved the best relationship we have ever had.

Life isn't always perfect, but it can always be amazing. Sometimes the universe throws us a wrench and it's up to us to have the tools to fix those things and move on. So many of us talk about the past, like it happened yesterday. Well that needs to stop, you can't change it. Maybe you got burned (relationship-job-health) Years ago but if you are stuck there that's where you will remain. The past has no business in your future. You grow, you learn, and you move on! People make negative comments towards me saying I must not be that happy in real life, Instagram is fake blablabla. You know what, those people are probably in that self doubting, negative, stuck category I’m referring to. I share my life and experiences not because I want to brag, It's because I've been there. I know how to help, or listen or try to recommend programs that can help.

Ask yourself "How can I be happy" being in a peak state for a short period of time isn't the big picture. Lasting happiness starts way deeper, and is a beautiful journey if your ready to go on it. Tony Robbins , has some amazing programs I have done, books I have read that I recommend. My husband gets coaching from his company once a week. It can help you get out of your way, and see a new light in yourself.

When we wake up everyday we make the choice to live a happy fulfilled life. It can be small things to start. Just make the adjustments because you are worth it ❤️


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