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Baby Led Weaning - Beginner Here!

Updated: Sep 28

Let me start off by saying it's terrifying to give your 5/6 month old whole pieces of food. I am not an expert at all, and it takes everything inside of me to not freak out at the gag vs. choke portion of this progressive way of feeding your baby. I have to say, I do dig it. I am a stay at home mom. A lot of my techniques are a bit dated or old fashioned, however 2020 has definitely got me to read more and try new things. Also, every baby is different. Of course I tried what we did with Eleanor first and if it didn't work then on to the next.

The reason I started researching BLW for Myles was because at 4 months when it's "recommended" to start baby cereal and some puree's he was getting so backed up. Seriously the kid went from breastmilk poops everyday to not going for a week! I felt horrible, he was irritated, and I was upset. So after 2 weeks we stopped baby oatmeal. I was so nervous to be researching and trying a new technique of feeding him, but so far so good. I made a few great amazon purchases to help the process and also give him his own stuff. I used almost everything from Eleanor and wanted him to have his own tools for eating success.

A great website, and Instagram to check out is https://www.feedinglittles.com

They offer an online course that is totally helpful to visually under stand ,how to start BLW. Also, having a goal of 100 foods before the age of 1 is keeping it exciting and making me try new foods for Myles.

If you are thinking about BLW a few pros I have noticed at 6 months.

- His hand eye coordination improving

- His pinchers already grabbing

- Controls his hunger (helps child obesity)

- Learning how to chew (he has 2 teeth)

- Makes feeding time fun and a bonding experience

- Doesn't create a "snacker"

- Teaches to self feed

- Sometimes feed the same food to both kids


- It is messy!

- Takes more time

- Choking vs Gagging (omg)

Some easy first foods

  • Fruits: Banana, mango, ripe pear, ripe peach and strawberries.

  • Vegetables: Avocado, steamed broccoli, steamed carrots and steamed beans.

  • Grains: Boiled whole-wheat pasta, puffed cereals and whole-wheat toast with avocado.

  • Protein: Shredded chicken, grilled fish (no bones), scrambled eggs and omelet strips.

  • Dairy: Yogurt and soft pasteurized cheeses

Baby Led weaning is a personal approach to feeding your child their first foods. It was a great decision this far for us, and I can't wait to keep introducing new and healthy food to our Myles. We are all about healthy choices, and this technique is a fun way to integrate it into eating!

Here is my amazon shop, and some tools to help you start BLW



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