• Desiree Montesano

2019 feels

Eleanor was in an amazing mood today! Enjoying our car ride home from Massachusetts singing and laughing and snoozing. Spending time with our girl and puppy today was so nice as we look forward to the new year!

Greg and I talked about the year ahead and our goals and excitement for whats in store for our family. We don’t believe in “resolutions”. We work on our lifestyle everyday to create the life we want and live it to the fullest. Our goals for the year ahead include, working harder at the gym, a bathroom reno, traveling more, putting more effort into relationships, and then our own individual goals.

I am so excited to put time into this blog and share with you guys almost daily stuff (some days momming takes it all out of me)!!

My goal is to be real, I don’t want perfectly edited photos, and my writing isnt great.

Hope everyone had an awesome New years celebrating and getting ready to Kick 2019’s Ass!!


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