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1 year of DesireeMontesano.com

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

I publicly opened my Instagram and started this blog page 1 year ago in January. I created this space to be 100% down to earth, positive, helpful, and fun! I have learned a lot from bloggers, and influencers and learned that is not what I am (or want to be). So I want to take a little time and share with you what I have seen and tried, and enjoyed about this social media platform.

If you have been following me the last year you should know.. I am a stay at home mom, I like young living essential oils, and Crossfit is life! I try to be positive in all aspects of my life but when I have a shitty day, I will share that as well.

I was hot and heavy into the oils at first I thought Instagram was a great place to share that with you(it was). However, I didn't and don't want to ever be pushy about it! Yes I still can get you these magical oils, I just don't promote it because I don't have time and I'm not looking to make money.

Being a mom, you see my everyday life. That's real, it's fun and it's what I was put on this earth to do! I love sharing things I buy for the house, Eleanor, and myself from Amazon. So I have a link to share all that with you as well.

Crossfit... a huge part of my life and usually the first thing I share when I wake up at 4:30 am. It is what makes me a better person.

I plan on continuing sharing this everyday life with you. I never want to wear the same clothes or promote products that you can see on these big time blogger pages. It's not me. So what I have seen, is that when you don't want that life, or that picture perfect blog page or instagram. You can't sit with the cool kids. They don't interact with you, they don't comment on your pictures, but they expect you to do it for them.. Well, I don't.

I am cool, and my life is enough I don't need to value myself and what I share with the number of followers or likes on a picture. Plus Instagram as a social media platform has caught on and makes it impossible for the normal everyday mom to make it in the Gram world.

I want to say Thank you, to the people who follow me and I have connected with the last year. I have said it before but that means more to me than anything. New friends, old friends, complete strangers commenting and supporting each other. That's cool as hell. My Instagram and blog is basic, and I love everything about it. My life isn't better than anyone's but I/ we (Greg) work damn hard at making our mind and body happy. It's a lifestyle to share with people. Our close friends and family know it. That's why I love sharing with my instagram world. Anyone can be happy and positive, and just have your shit together. I want to connect with those moms. Moms who think they can't have it all. I know you can. You can have a fit body, happy marriage, clean house, well taken care of kids, you just have to work at it and want it!

The motivation I have each day to just be me and not let influences of other people get to me works for me. With this holiday season and year coming to an end I want to wish everyone the best. Enjoy this time with your loved ones. Stop, slow down, and take it all in.

Cheers! xo


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