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Diffuser Recipies

Hair Growth Serum

Floral Fields

4 drops Lavender
4 drops Purification

Sweet Dreams

3 drops Lavender
3 drops Copaiba
3 drops Stress Away

Chill Out

4 drops Stress Away

2 drops Lavender

Immune Support

4 drops Thieves
4 drops Frankincense

Beach Day

3 drops Stress Away

3 drops Citrus Fresh

3 drops Peppermint

Mermaid Blend

4 drops lavender

4 drops Grapefruit

2 drops Peppermint

Respiratory Care

4 drops Raven
4 drops Peppermint


2 drops Frankincense

4 drops Lavender

Lavender Mint

3 drops Lavender
3 drops Peppermint

Clean House

3 drops of Lemon
3 drops of Peppermint

Winter Blues Buster

3 drops Citrus Bliss
2 drops of Frankincense

Spring Air

2 drops of Lavender
2 drops of Peppermint

2 drops of Lemon

1/2 oz of fractionated Coconut Oil

5 drops of Lavender

5 drops of Peppermint

5 drops of Rosemary

5 drops of Cedarwood

In this case, my hair loss was due to postpartum hormones. This was my alternative to using harsh chemicals. I loved the smell and defiantly see results. 

Lavender is a gentle antiseptic that will clean the hair follicle.

Peppermint will help stimulate your hair follicle.

Rosemary also stimulates the hair follicle and promotes growth in the hair.

Cedarwood helps with scalp dryness and keeps your hair healthy and shiny!

I used this serum about 3 times a week on a day I knew I would wash it the next day. Massage into your effected areas and enjoy the smell :)

Face Brightening Serum

Body Butter Recipie

This serum made with sweet almond oil and my Young Living Essential oils has totally changed my skin. I've been using it to help my hyper-pigmentation and dark circles and have defiantly seen results.

1 oz Carrier Oil 

10 drops of Frankincense

10 drops of Copaiba

5 drops of Lavender

5 drops of Lemon

1/2 cup of Shea Butter

1/2 tablespoon of Grape seed oil

10 drops of Lavender

10 drops of Frankincense

Melt down shea butter, add grape seed oil and essential oils. Add to glass jar, let stand for 10-12 hours.

Use for dry cracked skin, and to help eczema. Safe for babes:) 

DIY Body Scrub

2 cups sea salt, epsom salt, sugar

3/4 cups carrier oil (coconut, olive, grapeseed, almond)

10-12 drops essential oil of your choice

Combine sea salt, oil, and essential oil in a glass jar use lid to make it airtight after mixing. 

Massage gently to your skin, exfoliating the dead skin off your body. Rinse and enjoy your fresh rejuvenated skin. 

How to choose your essential oil?

Each oil has many beneficial traits for our body. I like to use Lavender for calming and relaxation along with a citrus oil for extra vitamin c and a refreshing feel.