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Nah...I just enjoy sharing with all of you!

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I'm not a writer. I prefer to share my self best on instagram  

The best way I usually describe my self. A happy person.

My friends say "I shit rainbows" Isn't everyone in love with their own life? Well I am.

I love sharing it with people because being able to inspire others feels so good!

I created a blog, to make it more official I guess. My goal is to connect with more woman; moms, single (hopeless romantic) , married (trying to conceive), young ladies. Anyone who likes watching someone who has been there before. Talking about everything and giving tips and crazy mantras of living happy and sometimes crappy everyday things. Nothing is perfect, but I try my hardest to always have a full glass. Sharing household and baby products, and my love for fitness, recipes, and essential oils all comes with the package.

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