Who I am.

Why I'm here.

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I started this space as an outlet and a place to make connections. I am a stay at home mom. I enjoy sharing with you, and hearing from other moms and woman out there. I want to share genuine experiences and  things to motivate and help others. I want to be here for you. Normally I am sharing motherhood life and our everyday hustle.  My blog and Instagram is so I can make connections with people and spread the love any way I can.  Mom life isn't always easy but if you can share and talk with others it can make a difference in your day, or maybe even in your life. My eternal optimism may not be your cup of tea, I believe you can't share enough happiness and positivity. 

Being a new mother of two I am always learning. I can tell you this much, I'm writing my own playbook. Don't compare yourself to other moms and do the very best you can.

Be authentic, be you!

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